Openderma Dermatological Clinic is a leading medical center in Murcia for clinical Dermatology and surgical lasers, Aesthetic Medicine and antiaging treatments. The clinic is directed by the renowned dermatologist Jorge Martinez Escribano, M.D., PhD.

At Openderma Dermatological Clinic, accredited by the Ministry of Health (RES: 20600107), experts in Dermatology, Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, offer to their patients the result of more than 20 years of dermatological experience, having treated thousands of patients. We assume that the dermatologist is the best professional to treat both healthy and diseased skin.

Aware of the importance acquired by body image as an element of social and laboral recognition, and knowing that many pseudo-professionals with no qualifications are involved in aesthetic therapies, like laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal, we are looking forward to honestly treat, without any mercantilism, every patient with a dermatological or a aesthetic problem. We treat from the seemingly simple medical hair laser removal to the most complicated dermatological disease. Therefore, Openderma Dermatological Clinic is directed to the treatment of patients with conditions including acne, alopecia, skin cancer… and also to treat patients of any age and sex who want to improve their body or facial image, always seeking a natural look.

Our goal is excellence in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, to get complete patient satisfaction. To do this, we combine continuous training of our specialists, experience, professionalism and personalized treatment, never offering more than the patient needs.

In Openderma Dermatological Clinic, a highly qualified personnel, offer the safest and most effective dermatological and medical aesthetic treatments with the most advanced and innovative technology. Thus, we offer a complete range from lasers to the best hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, with the confidence of being in the best hands. We seek to obtain the best result as quickly as possible, without surgery and, therefore, with no downtime, respecting maximum confidentiality and discretion.

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