Not all laser systems are equal, the same way that not all cars are equal. The energy or fluence of any laser device must be adjusted to each specific skin type and to each patient. If we talk about permanent hair removal, medical lasers undoubtedly offer us superior benefits to non-medical lasers. Moreover, within medical lasers, some devices are more reliable than others. Of crucial importance are also the hands that manage the laser machine, if we want to obtain optimal results without undesirable effects. As the laser equipment is a very precise instrument that requires a perfect calibration and working conditions, special care should be taken with mobile equipments which are continuously carried from one place to another and which are thus subjected to shocks and vibrations that can alter laser calibration and cause adverse effects.

Medical laser hair removal is the most effective and modern way to remove hair permanently and comfortably with no pain. It can be performed on men or women, and in any area of ​​the body (groins, armpits, back, legs, pubic area …). It is a personalized treatment as the specialist adjusts parameters such as laser wavelength, intensity and pulse duration, based on the individual characteristics of each patient: skin type and color, hair density and location. Laser hair removal is especially recommended for people suffering from folliculitis and ingrown hairs, or in cases of excess hair (hirsutism, hypertrichosis). Laser hair removal is based on selective photothermolysis: the laser removes the hair without affecting the surrounding tissues. The doctor select cases where, for some skin disease or for the intake of a photosensitizing drug, it is not possible to perform the treatment. Sometimes, we must discard possible hormonal causes of pathologic hair. Some moles must be protected with white colour because the laser should be avoided on them. In some patients, a pharmacological treatment can be associated to periodical laser hair removal, as in women with neck or face increased hair.

Laser hair removal, in the proper hands, has undoubted advantages, because the laser light is a coherent light with a fixed wave length and therefore we always know the exact depth of penetration into the skin. Therefore, we can define the laser energy and pulse duration to achieve the desired effect, minimizing the risk of unwanted burns and pigmentation.

Medical laser hair removal is usually carried out in sessions of minutes after which patients immediately returns to their daily activities. The patient should avoid sun exposure before and after treatment, as well as trauma or friction on the treated area.

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